Habitat Managment & Conservation Work

We have vast experience in this line of work and have worked closely with ecologists on renewable energy developments, road building projects, new housing developments etc. 


Newt and silt fencing

Temporary and permanent stock fencing

New hedgerow and tree planting

Vegetation management in sensitive areas such as newt, door mice and nesting bird zones under licence

Installation of bird and bat boxes

Tree work

Ongoing habitat managmet work

Project Case Study

Garreg Lwyd Wind Farm, Llanbadarn Fynydd, Powys

Carried out over the last two years with an additional 6 years habitat maintenance contract.


We were the main habitat management contractors on this multi million pound wind farm project. All the work was carried out under strict supervision of ecologists which were present throughout the clearance work. The work included:


Initial clearing and enabling work which included removing large numbers of hedging & trees to make way for the access route and the turbine pads under a door mouse, great crested newt, ground nesting birds and bat protection licence.


Installation of 10,000 meters of newt proof fencing around silt collection lagoons and maintenance of these during the development period.


Vegetation management of approximately 180,000 m2 of grassland and rushes under licence to deter nesting birds from settling on the construction areas and to encourage them to nest in other areas. These areas were cut using a low impact atv with flail mower and teams of men with brush cutters for the more sensitive areas. This area was cut 5 times throughout 2016.


Brush cutting water crossings where construction of new roadways were to be constructed to prevent nesting birds and newts.


Removal of large amounts of old stock fencing and gates.


Removal of dozens of large trees around three ponds to allow more light to enhance the habitat.


Control of invasive weeds including creeping thistle and Japanese knot weed.


Keep approx 80 signage clear of vegetation with brush cutters.


Replacement of approximately 8000 meters of stock fencing including construction of new gateways and insulation of gates.


Planting of over 10,000 new bare root hedging to compensate the removed trees and hedgerows and to enhance the poor habitat areas. 70 tonnes of recycled compost which was sourced locally was also used as a soil improver and top dressing to give these hedgerows the best start.


Planting of a woodland screening area next to the large substation which included installing 100 meters of root barrier to protect the substation and high voltage cabling form the new trees.


Planting of a large woodland scrub area to compensate the removal of some the hedgerows.


A lot of the work involved working along side public rights of way and bridleways which despite being very secluded was well used.


Along with all the above work we were also awarded a 6 year maintenance contract which includes: Weed control, keeping canes and spirals secure, trimming of the hedging, replacement of any damaged/failed hedging, vegetation control over various areas and maintenance of the new fencing & gates.



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